Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Dear Readers, Stalkers, Future & Former Employers and Lovers:

After 8 years on Blogger, I am moving Spoons & Satellites to my personal/professional website, which can be found by clicking the screenshots of it below. Blogger has been good to me. It has allowed me to maintain a comprehensive list of Books I'm Reading and Things in a sidebar. But I prefer having most of my digital presence all collected in the same place. So if you've discovered this page, please click the photos below and discover me in my new, beautiful home where I've also got my professional information and some experiments I've been working on. Thanks for reading.



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Longwell Kort said...

This place has the most perfect environment for whatever fun activity you are looking for. If you want a low key and more intimate atmosphere, come and hang out here. If you want the party scene, weekends at NY venues are where it's at!