Saturday, January 3, 2015

Everyone’s all into this quantified self stuff. We talked about it a lot in Tangible Computing last semester. Fitbits and things that count footsteps and calories and heartbeats and sleep cycles. I’m more interested in a different kind of quantified self. Like, how do I spend my time and my money. What do I do. Where do I go. So I looked back at my calendar for 2014 and discovered the following about my activities...

I attended:
111 yoga classes
27 after school tutoring sessions at 826la
6 literary readings
5 concerts
5 birthday parties
4 comedy shows
3 weddings
2 plays
2 housewarming parties
1 naked bike ride

And I visited:
5 states
4 countries

24 airplanes
2 road trips

And read 30 books. [ONLY 30 FUCKKKK].

I wish I could also count how many words I wrote, how many hours I slept, how many friends I spent time with, how many coffee shops and restaurants and bars I visited. But that’s partly what the 365 photos were for. To see what my life looks like. And it looks like this!..


I don’t really ever make new year’s resolutions, but I can tell you that these are the things I plan to accomplish in 2015, partly out of necessity, partly out of ambition:

Submit my application for the Digital Humanities Mellon Fellowship.
Field Exams.
Take the translation exam in Spanish.
Write my dissertation prospectus.
Qualifying Exams.
Service train my dog.
Teach this literature course.
Make my short film/remix for &Now.
Present at &Now.
Go to the Digital Humanities Summer Institute in Victoria.
Finally visit all the places on my California checklist. [Should make that checklist first.]

I like that the main verbs in the above list are “Write, Do, Teach, Make, Present, and Go.” I would put “Learn ____” on there, but how am I supposed to decide what I’m going to learn in advance? Life doesn’t work that way. Though I would like to learn how to play the mandolin. But I think there are probably things I want to learn that I don’t even know about yet that are even more important.

There are things I would love to do that I won’t have time or money to do like live in Mexico and visit my best friend in Indonesia. But whatever I do end up having time and money to do, I’m going to do with purpose.

2015, put on your running shoes. Let’s do this.

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