Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Because a space is as important to me as anything else. Because the spaces I inhabit explain who I am. Because repetition of place equals a life. 

Bike commute space of transit
Hoover, near school
Hoover, not near school
The 10
Sad Carnival
a church from the beginning of times

workspaces out in the world
Intelligentsia, Sunset Junction
Punch Bowl, Los Feliz
random cafes and juice bars, random parts of the city

workspaces in the space where I actually work
Cinematic Arts courtyard
my very own desk in my very own office, CAS
SCA, again, on Tuesdays

my home, a jungle, an oasis, serenity, bungalow living on the east side where everything smells like citrus and guava
The middle of the night is also a space I occupy these days now that I have a
puppy who needs to pee every 4am.

an in-between, a more and more frequent rendezvous
Groundworks, Hollywood, between your heart and mine

Liminal spaces, wandering, may or may not appear here again, spaces of waiting and exploration
Hills of Silver Lake
 other workplace: 826la, weekly
the best split business building: Stories Cafe and 826la East

iconic LA, visited over and over as destination or just passing through
Capitol Records
Venice Beach
The 110 North

yoga, where I became a whole self again, home away from home
CorePower Sherman Oaks, Studio 1

Sunday, October 5, 2014

I haven't had too much time to play with my new Nikon Df since I bought it right as summer was ending, as school was starting, as I was being sucked back into a life that requires all my attention. But I did play with it around the apartment a bit just to try and understand what each little knob controls. Here are a few photos. 

As soon as the semester settles down a bit and this pup of mine has all her shots so she can leave the house, I'll go on an actual photo adventure and hopefully produce something a little more interesting than these. But so far, I love this camera. I love the way it feels in my hands. Heavy, but not too heavy. Old, but new. 

365 Photos: One photo per day for the entire year of 2014

Part of what I love about doing this is captioning the photos, but I also like how they look all in a row, uncaptioned and without context. So on my blog they'll be uncpationed, but if you want to follow along as I go, I'm posting on instagram [@alirachelpearl] and facebook. I also recently started an instagram that is just devoted to this project, so if you want the reader's digest version of my life or just want to follow along with the 365 Challenge, you can find me at @_threesixtyfive_. That may be the most narcissistic sentence I've written this year.