Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Thanksgiving post almost a month after Thanksgiving, because PhD school owns my soul. I drove up to Davis to spend the break with my Noonles at her Farmhouse. On Thanksgiving day, I was singing the words "Thanksgiving photo storyyyyy" all day while photo-documenting everything. I even helped cook! I made creamed spinach. We had vegetarian Thanksgiving and the dishes were delicious. My Noonles made the butternut squash soup. We also had a chocolate avocado cake that made me so happy I cried. Also, mead. A's parents came from Colorado and his dad read us Thanksgiving facts at the dinner table NPR style. Before dinner, I took a walk to call my family, then lay on a table outside doing strange yoga poses while conversing with Farmhouse friends.

On my way home from Davis, I stopped in Oakland to see my very tiniest best brother. We had brunch, then I headed home on the glorious open-road, traffic free highway 5. Saved myself about 7 extra hours in the car by leaving Saturday night over Sunday morning. California, I'm learning. 

I listened to SUCH good radio on my drive to and from NorCal. So good that I can't not share it. I heard what is now maybe my favorite episode of This American Life ever. Episode #402: Saves the Day. I also listened to a TAL episode in which one of the segments was from RADIOLAB! TAL and Radiolab are two of my favorite things in the world, so hearing old school Radiolab introduced by Ira Glass in This American Life made me literally squeal with joy. Like a radio turducken. I also listened to some great old Radiolab podcasts, a lot of which discussed the making of Radiolab. I love hearing passionate people talk about making the thing they love. But one of my favorite shorts was the one about quicksand. Why doesn't anyone talk about quicksand anymore?? 

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kravilochan said...

But of course! I ALWAYS talk about quicksand, ALWAYS. However you have to crane your ears and really listen. Otherwise you cannot acknowledge that you are hearing what I am saying. You will sink in so quickly that perhaps I don't hear your feedback! Such is the power of quicksand!