Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I'm currently taking an Information Visualization course through the Media Arts + Practice program, and I'm noticing visualizations out in the world more than ever before. Here are some of my favorites:

All the mountains in Colorado:

A new kind of family tree:
Though what I love about this is how complicated it would be to account for the kinds of splits and separations, the additions and subtractions of true family trees. This perfect circle makes no room for divorce. Though the tree visual metaphor bothers me because it doesn't account for death. At least not in my mind. The tops of trees aren't dead, they're just older. The only way the tree makes sense is if living relatives are the branches and the dead ones are transferred to the roots. Though I supposed that disrupts the flow of ancestry. But then again, is it really a "flow" to begin with?

A transit map:
This is the only one of Cayla Ferari and John Breznick's maps that is relevant to my life, as I've only lived in NYC and not any of their other cities. But I love seeing the places I've lived visualized in this way. Like lungs. Like arteries. More comprehensible than my own circulatory system. Routes that are ghosts that are remembrances of my breathing.

[The above three things came from this post on Design Milk.]

Though here's Los Angeles, which I just found on John Breznick's etsy:

Visualizations come in all shapes, sizes, and media:

I would visualize the fuck out of my fruit if I had this shelf [and the space for this shelf].

And of course the tiny but ever growing cyclist in me loves this poster:

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