Friday, September 20, 2013

This month, more than any other, I've tried to stick to a routine. Because September is always hard for me. It's the month in which I experienced my first important death, it's the month in which I experienced my first break up, and since those two firsts, it's held seconds, sometimes thirds of those things. So I tried to preempt struggle this month by making a schedule filled with the things that keep me afloat. Monday and Wednesday is school. Tuesday and Thursday is teaching. Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday are yoga, Thursday is after school tutoring at 826la. Saturdays are for going places, visiting friends, etc. Monday through Wednesday is riding my bike to school. Tuesdays are walking to the farmer's market. Non-school daily things I've been doing have remained consistent all month: gardening, maintaining my fish tank, trying to find new things to cook, walking around my neighborhood, writing. If I'd done a blog post each week in September, they'd all look exactly the same. Photos of my garden, photos of my fish, photos of my cat, photos of my neighborhood, photos of something fun/pretty/adventurous/social, photos of school and 826 related stuff. So I decided to wait and lump all those things together into their respective categories. I'm taxonimizing my life. At least this month. Taking inventory. What are the things that make up my day. Who are the people that take up space on my phone, in my thoughts, in my life. I'm trying to build, again. I've been here before. Three Septembers ago. Starting over. Not from nothing this time, though. As often as it might feel like that.

Where I hold office hours.
Information Visualization class.
Where I hold office hours.
My students' first assignment.
Learning to program.
Office hours. Work time. Palm trees in prison.


Adventures & Events:
Rosh Hashanah dinner at the house of the sister of the woman from the retired
couple I met on the airplane last September. It's been a year and we're only
getting closer all the time. I love my retired couple.
San Pedro
Pacific Palisades
Pacific Palisades
Pacific Palisades
Watching people watch Aimee Bender read at Skylight Books.
Los Feliz
Luck Bar

Neighborhood & in between spaces:
New art.
Blue themed work day at Intelligentsia.
Trying to breathe like a tree.
The fake moon on my bike ride home every Wednesday night.
Farmer's Market produce.

First jalapeƱo from my garden.
Sunday mornings.
New fish. Spinach didn't make it. So I figured out which fish were appropriate
for this size tank. Their names are Marfa, Ghost, and Lupita [from left to right].
Lupita didn't make it either. I'm beginning to have major concerns about the
tank. I've written to the people who made it. Awaiting their response. But if I
lose another fish, I'm giving up in the hipster plant growing fish tank for good.
Front yard late morning shadows.

I'm leaving LA to go to a conference in Boulder on Tuesday. So my routine will end. My budget will reset on October first. I'll feel a little safer straying from my schedule. My work load will likely get heavier. But for now, I'm just trying to exist. Existing is going well, for the most part. Except when it doesn't go well. And in those times, I just take it, like a freight train to the chest. Because I know it won't always be September. 

we did what we could
to save this house from falling
but it burns because it's wood
and now you'll never call me darling

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