Sunday, September 8, 2013

This #8

I often spend the first part of the morning going through the articles on my page. When I bailed on facebook for 6 weeks back in March, I needed some way of getting all my news in one place. So I got a account, since Google Reader was closing up shop. Going through every morning, I bookmark anything I find inspiring. These days, I seem to find everything inspiring. I had to clean out that bookmarked section this morning because I had overloaded it. Here's some of what's making my heart continue to beat a little more loudly lately:

1. Someone created a crowdsourced map of where to find free produce from trees and plants all over the world. This appeals to my obsession with maps AND my obsession with produce AND my obsession with urban farming and gardening. And of course one of the co-founders is from Boulder, Colorado. Click on the map to link to the Falling Fruit website. [Note: the site is running very slowly today, so maybe check out their facebook page instead.]
This reminds me of an app some of the kids up in Oakland associated with Youth Radio were making last year. In my neighborhood, we have at least 10 different types of fruit trees within a couple blocks. I get so many oranges every citrus season that I couldn't possibly eat them all. My neighbors get all the lemons. My friends in Agoura get so many persimmons, they give me a giant bag full and that doesn't even account for 10% of what that tree yields. My property isn't public and therefore wouldn't be listed on this map, but I'd love to find a way to share produce even within my friend circle in Los Angeles. Though I am going to eat every single kumquat that my kumquat tree yields in January. So just be warned, you can't have my kumquats. 

2. The following quote and photo are directly from the Design Milk website: "Inspired by the brain, Swedish designer Alexandra Denton created a sculptural storage cabinet to house your memories. Synapse, with its suspended cubes, reflects the brain’s major roles: shaping connections, storing information, and accumulating memories." 
Given my interest in systems lately, I'm also really interested in things that try to mimic systems, either on a literal or a conceptual level. I don't know how practical something like this piece of furniture would be in my life, mostly because my apartment is the tiniest ever, but I like the idea of modeling something functional off of something conceptual. I could already tell you each thing I'd put in each one of those boxes, each memory associated with each thing, why it would go in its respective box with the other items that would go in that particular box. Now if only I could use this sort of conceptual to literal crossover when designing critical essay forms, I would be more successful at what I'm trying to do right now as a critic. That probably made no sense. Sorry.

3. Also from Design Milk, this amazing picnic basket. Because I want to continue to explore all the parts of LA I haven't seen. And I'd like to eat lunch while doing it. All photos are from the page I linked to in the first sentence.

4. If this book doesn't speak to my obsessive compulsive inclinations TO A T, I don't know what does. I saw this and my pulse got quicker and my palms got a little sweaty. Organization is my drug. Again, photos from Design Milk's post about this book.

5. And, tying those last two things together [memory and organization], there's this, which I'm pretty sure was invented just to sooth my obsessive narrativizing memory driven heart. Photo from the Design Milk post [see the theme here? Design Milk gives me all the design calcium, which gives me all the inspiration]. And here's what that blog post has to say about it: "We all have a tendency to collect objects: family heirlooms, trinkets, or small mementos of a treasured personal history. No matter the item, Curatorium acts as a miniature museum to store and display these sentimental belongings. The wooden box is constructed of solid maple, and is completely handmade."

I've got about 20 more posts bookmarked on my Modern art tattoos and tours of Long Beach's industrial side. News reports of Death Valley reaching 130 degrees and an article about a symbol for the word "the." But I've got cereal to eat and an article to finish writing and two yoga classes to go to and a goldfish and a cat and a garden and a neighborhood to obsess over. So I'll have more THIS sometime next week.

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