Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I'm currently working on contributing two pieces to a project started by one of the professors from my former English department at the University of Utah. The project is called Mapping Salt Lake City. You can visit the website here, and listen to Paisley Rekdal's radio interview about the details here. My contributions are a photo essay on the Granary District [West Side SLC], where I lived during my two years in Salt Lake City, and a street art map that traces 30 some photographs I took in the SLC area both while I lived there and while I've visited.

View Street Art, Salt Lake City in a larger map

The tumblr for my Granary District piece is pictured below. Click on the photo to link to the website.

This project means a lot to me for a few reasons: 1) I fucking love maps. I love looking at them. I love making them. I love listening to that one This American Life episode about mapping and Dennis Wood and his conceptual maps. I even own Dennis' book put out by Siglio Press. 2) I love Salt Lake City. And I feel like I owe it something. I hated on that place every day that I lived there, and I sobbed as I drove away for good back in 2012. Now when I visit, it feels like my home. The place that took me in when nothing and no one else would. Put up with my abuse. I took all these photographs one day when I was too overwhelmed with work to actually do any work. I wanted to capture a place I swore I'd never visit again. 3) I love the U and my friends and colleagues and professors at the U, and I'm supportive of any project they passionately throw themselves into. 4) I'm all about community. I love my little community of musicians and artists in the Baker District in Denver, I love my Boulder community, I love my community of Echo Park kids and families in LA, I love my East Hollywood, Virgil Village neighborhood in LA, and I love Salt Lake. Especially the epic weirdness that is the Granary District. 

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