Monday, June 3, 2013

Recipe for a perfect day, take II: the Salt Lake City version--

Wake up at an actual actual people time [8:45am]. Stop at Einstein's for your favorite breakfast food item. Meet your friend for a drive up toward the mountains. Take a long, beautiful, somewhat difficult but completely refreshing hike up to a raging waterfall. Get wet. Spend hours talking about everything, then realize it's only 1:30pm and you have the ENTIRE day left to do things even though you already spent four hours hiking.
The Salt Lake Valley
You can see the Great Salt Lake in the distance.
Downtown SLC

Arrive home to an email telling you your story is up at the new issue of The Fiddleback today! Notice that they illustrated your story with the most perfect, beautiful photograph that appears as a slide on the site's homepage.

Ride your bike to Cafe on 1st for tea with your professor. Feel sad when you realize that of all your mentors, Jake is no longer one of them. But be grateful that you have a mentor at all, someone to read your writing, someone to read academia for you so you don't feel so lost and alone when you seem to be the only person who still gives a shit about formalism. Ride your bike back home. Walk to three different grocery stores with T. Stop at a mormon park on your way there. Climb things. Think about how fantastic it is to finally indulge in all your vices, because it's actually summer, and you're actually free, and Salt Lake has somehow become the place you feel most safe and most capable of being completely you.
Maybe the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. For some reason, this makes
me cry.
love. and NO KNIFE.
Oh and I got to hang out with this Breadloaf on the lam, kicking my legs up
against the window sill, enjoying the gorgeous summer air, planning a
delicious dinner.

Realize how true this is, that all else is chaff and dust...

And this isn't even the only perfect day I've had here. I've just been too crazy/busy/sleepy to update. Forthcoming...

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