Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I arrived in Colorado two weeks ago this evening, and I'm getting in my car tomorrow morning and driving to my second--or is it third?--home, Salt Lake City, Utah. Other than the weekend I spent in SLC last October, I haven't been there since I graduated at the beginning of last May, just over a year ago. Given that out of my entire friend group, about 50% of my close friends live in SLC, I decided I wanted to spend at least some portion of my summer there having picnics, going to shows, taking walks, having dinners, going on late night drives, and basically falling into my old SLC routine and pretending I still live there. Because I've been over this before in another post: I do still live in Salt Lake City. My life continued there after I left it for Colorado and LA. Part of me will always live in SLC no matter where in the world I am.

But before I leave for SLC, my OCD compels me to post about my remaining days in Colorado, which were spent similarly to the first several days: lots of yoga, lots of eating out at my favorite restaurants, lots of time with my close friends and their adorable children, lots of time relaxing in my valley alone, with my parents, and with my best friends' mom.
Cuddle Puddle

One day I went down to Denver to meet my girls for BBQ at a restaurant one block from my old apartment.

Another day I took my parents to Boulder where we wandered the streets, did a little shopping, ate ALL the food and drank ALL the alcohol so there'd be none left for the Boulder Boulder-ers. Ok not really. But I'm still full from that night.
Yes, this is exactly what it looks like. A gentleman carrying a tank of goldfish
around Boulder. He won them. I love that I live in a world where something
like this can happen.
I bought this. Because, hi, it's laser cut wood and the gears actually work.

Some night, I ended up downtown at a classy sports bar on 16th. Wandered a bit. Downtown gets better every year. I eventually met up with one of my high school best friends and spent the rest of the night watching him rock the crowds on 16th with his magic show. I am being completely earnest. He is incredible. He made a goldfish in a glass appear out of nowhere and he can draw a crowd bigger and faster than any other magician I've seen busking. I am so proud of him and I can't wait to return to Colorado in July to celebrate his wedding.

The most glorious part of Colorado are the skies, especially when they're luscious, full of light & rain, and hang gently over bright green, blooming landscapes and rolling hills that grow to mountains right at the point where the road to my house in the Valley begins.

Also, I took a bunch of photos of my cat. I try not to post these anywhere, but sometimes I just love him so much and I have to share his magnificence with the world. So excuse the following excessive Noops photos. He's a diva. He loves to be photographed. He is my husband, best friend, and child, and he is the longest man. I won't see him for the next five and a half weeks because I'll be exploring SLC, LA, NYC, Ohio, Alabama, and Kentucky, so please excuse the following rare indulgence. 
Noops with his crew. 
Woke up from a nap to find that a cat had grown out of my new dress.
Noops is skeptical of the weird thing my dad insists on having on the
kitchen table.

cat + geometry. stalking me as usual.
What I wake up to first thing every morning.
He hates when we have to get out of bed for the day.
Oh, and this is Sink Cat. I always wanted a sink cat, and now we have one.
Her name is Sink Cat. Or New Cat. Or Inhaler. Her name is not whatever
stupid name my parents will tell you it is if you ask them. They are liars.


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All the pretties! Well done and drive safely.

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