Sunday, May 19, 2013

How to do summer the right way, Week One Edition:
  • Drive all the way from Nevada to Littleton, Colorado on Monday.

  • On Tuesday, run into the prettiest poetry professor on this side of the Rocky Mountains at Whole Foods while waiting to have lunch with a beautiful girl and her tiny son. Go to yoga. Go to dinner with parents. 
I actually took this picture on Thursday, but I wanted a picture here.
  • On Wednesday, go clothing and toy shopping with your high school English teacher turned super close friend and her amazing three year old who probably already knows more than you about most things. Have dinner together. Drink milk in sunglasses inside McKinners pizza just down the road from the high school where you did a sketch of a dried chili pepper while listening to Norah Jones and writing about feeling as empty as that chili pepper on the first day of junior year English class.

  • On Thursday, go to your favorite part of Denver, South Broadway, and buy all the presents for all your friends to celebrate their growing lives, their entrance into MFA programs, their graduation from MFA programs, their brand new house, their soon to be here baby girl. Then spend the rest of the evening at your friends' house eating home cooked food, trying to wash off a baby, then drinking with friend and the boys around a table till after midnight. Look for shapes in your home-brewed beer. 

  • On Friday, read the book your friend wrote outside all morning. Go back to yoga after finally being able to kind of breathe again without coughing and flailing and falling asleep. Get dressed up. Go downtown to the Highlands to meet an old acquaintance at a prohibition style bar. Eat bacon beignets and drink all the whiskey drinks. Take a walk around a neighborhood that was nothing back when you lived in Denver in college. Make plans for more drinks.
  • On Saturday, paint your nails while having breakfast in the kitchen with your parents. Drive the gorgeous drive down to Colorado Springs for your friends' housewarming party because they're your first friends your age to actually buy and own their own house. A perfectly decorated house in which you can envision their almost here baby girl running around, laughing, playing with the dog, playing in the yard, growing up under the Colorado sun, just like you did. Drive home. Go to late night Dairy Queen with your parents and hope your dad doesn't wear his pajama pants out again like all the other times.
PH: Monet M.
PH: Ryan K.
 I know I look overly excited in these photos. And it's because I am. I've been waiting for this baby since I met these two.

  • On Sunday, plan to finally update your blog about everything you didn't have time to post two months ago. Plan to take a walk with your best friends' mom. Plan to go to yoga with your mom. Plan to meet your acquaintance for a late night drink at one of those awful bars right outside the valley because you've always wondered what kinds of people go to those places. But maybe just stay in and watch Friday Night Lights all day instead, because it's cloudy out, and that show is the best thing to happen to Texas since Marfa.

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