Sunday, May 5, 2013

Completed my last day of my first year of PhD school on Thursday. This of course doesn't account for the papers I have to write now, but I don't have to return to campus, I don't have to ride the train, I don't have to be on any kind of schedule again for the next three and a half months. So I celebrated with three straight days of party:

Avan Lava show at the Echoplex with my girls. I've somehow developed
a group of NYU people here in LA even though I never went to NYU.
Thursday was spent with my NYU people.

Feliz cumpleaƱos/5[3rd] de mayo party with my USC people.

House party BBQ in Long Beach on this hammock under the stars with one
of my Utah people and his friends.

I love having communities of people. I love my Utah people and my USC people and my Los Angeles people and my UC Denver people and my Colorado people and my South America people. And all those people now live all over the place, which means I get to spend the summer going to all sorts of new exciting places. Like Kentucky. And Alabama. And NYC. And... Europe? Or something. Getting in my car next Sunday, driving east, and figuring the rest out from there.

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