Friday, April 19, 2013

Table of Contents:

1. Loss of friends
          i. to death
          ii. to circumstance
          iii. to irreconcilable differences

2. Loss of partners
          i. to incompatibility
          ii. to timing
          iii. to something too complicated to contend with

3. Loss of dreams
          i. to lack of money
          ii. to lack of time
          iii. to other dreams
          iv. to forces outside your control

4. Loss of possesions
          i. to house fire
          ii. to imagined house fire
          iii. to theft
          iv. to [sober] carelessness
          v. to drunkenness
          vi. to adventure
          vii. to mistakenly selling them at a garage sale as a child
          viii. to efforts to make room for new possessions

5. Loss of pets
          i. to whatever it is that kills pets

6. Loss of memories
          i. to capitalism
          ii. to forced forgetting
          iii. to accidental forgetting
          iv. to alcohol
          v. to brain disease
          vi. to other memories

7. Things to collect in place of loss
         i. books
         ii. gratitude
         iii. strength
         iv. episodes of a sitcom about a grief support group featuring Matthew Perry
         v. conversations
         vi. realizations that you've built the most epic safety net of friends and family imaginable
         vii. experiences
         viii. gas for the car
          ix. photographs of beautiful color schemes that other people post on the internet
          x. a new goddamn pair of fluffy slippers for around the house
          xi. non-social media sources for keeping up to date on the news
          xii. enough bravery to spend mornings in the so-hipster-it's-beyond-hipster-and-is-actually-just-normal cafe in the neighborhood
          xiii. witty, deflecting comments
          xiv. laundry detergent
          xv. faith, not in the future, but in the present

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