Monday, April 29, 2013

I have been bursting with so much energy all day that even back to back yoga classes failed to expend it all. Here's a tiny miracle story for you:

My friend teaches paddleboard yoga in Marina del Rey, so we went to the marina this morning to play around in the water a bit. I'd never been on a paddleboard, but I think I picked up the basics pretty quickly. We decided we wanted to take pictures of our adventurous yoga feats, so I reminded her that I have a waterproof case on my brand new iPhone and she went to get it. The rest happened like it was scripted. I jokingly yelled, "don't you dare drop that phone in the water." She playfully insisted, "I'm not going to drop your phone!" A guy on the dock said, "famous last words," and literally 15 seconds later she dropped my phone into the 20 foot deep marina water. 

I've been trying really hard to let go of a lot of things, my sense of control being at the top of that list. I've done a pretty damn good job. I've stopped planning out every second of my life. I've stopped arranging things more than a couple months in advance. I've put myself in some hilarious yoga positions that inevitably lead to me falling on my face. So when my phone disappeared in the murky marina, I just laughed. I mean, I freaked out a little, but just a little. Because I decided it wasn't lost. Our other friend dove to try and recover it. My friend peered under the water but it was too dark and dirty and deep. I suggested that this being Los Angeles and all, we should be able to find someone on the internet who we can pay to dive for us. So our friend called someone, we told that someone generally where we were when the phone was dropped, and within ten minutes, and for only $50, he recovered the phone. 10 seconds after he handed it back to me, I took this photo:

Because my phone still works. 20 feet underwater in a huge marina for almost 2 hours. The whole time, I made sure that I continued to smile. I made sure I only saw the humor. I made sure to remind myself that it's just an object, a replaceable [even if expensive and brand new] object, that people I love have died, that this is nothing in comparison to the roller coaster I've been on since December. My photos, my text messages, everything the old me would freak out about losing, I just let go of. I made sure to remind myself that it did no good to do anything but have hope. Committed to an outcome without being invested in the result. Some wise words a friend recently shared with me. And it made my day. Like I told my friend, "I have never been so happy to have my iPhone dropped 20 feet down into the sea." She said, "this has been a really wonderful morning, and now it's a terrible day, but if we get this phone back, it will be the best day ever." For real. This was the best day ever.

[Sorry I can't tell this story better right now because I am basically a giant ball of energy and exhaustion. Yes, I can be both at the same time. It's the 21st century. Come on.]

[[Miracle was followed by a solo delicious late breakfast at one of my favorite restaurants in Venice where the universe showed me just how much space in the world there is for me to play in.]]

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