Friday, April 5, 2013

Fuck chronology.

March 29th, 2013

We went to Disneyland! It was my beautiful cupcake's birthday and she, myself, and our three friends decided that we're all children in adult's clothes, so we wanted to go be children in children's clothes. Or... well not exactly children's clothes. But the girls did buy ears and I did buy a tiny green crushed velvet hat and we all wore them the entire day.

Because they don't serve alcohol pretty much anywhere in Disneyland, and because I am someone with pretty bad anxiety in claustrophobic situations, I decided I would consume the next best thing: sugar. I ate all the sugar. I immediately ordered a coke with my pizza, and finally, when L and I decided on a vendor, I bought a massive cotton candy. It was maybe the best moment of my life.

But then I went into sugar shock. Not that it stopped me from riding ALL the things.
To be fair, I did this ride pre-sugar but post cafe con leche.
First ride of the day.
Tower of Terror. Worst thing that ever happened to me.
Last ride of the day. Space Mountain at midnight.
Inside creepy Splash Mountain at 12pm.
Outside alien Space Mountain at 12am.

Even though Disneyland is commercialism central, I did find more than a few of those wonderful, quiet photo opportunities that I love so much.
Near midnight spotlight sky ghosts.
It's springtime in Los Angeles.

Mostly, it was just a good day to get out of LA to go to other LA which is really just a smaller version of Orlando which isn't even Orlando, it's just a tiny part of Orlando that replicates things like... LA.

Us kids had a pretty epic 14 hour Disney day, but those kids that got on that tram first thing in the morning were not the same kids that got back in my car after midnight. We were a little... droopy. But still in our ears and hats and still laughing.
Disneyland: 1st photo!
Birthday wishes!
Disneyland: Last photo. This man sang Nicole a birthday song.
I think my cupcake had a pretty good celebration. I'm grateful to have been lucky enough to participate, even if I later swore I'll never go to Disneyland again [maybe that was the sugar coma talking].


amr said...

the looks on faces in the tower of terror do not appear staged.


Anonymous said...

--ps: it's anne--you may ignore that ancient link

Ali Rachel Pearl said...

I promise none of those photos were staged! We were all equally terrified. Well, everyone else was also having fun while being terrified, whereas I just kept screaming "no no no no nononononono."