Wednesday, March 27, 2013

This #1

Something I've learned about myself through all this tragedy and heartbreak: it's important to remain inspired.

Something I've learned since I got off Facebook and Twitter: there is other stuff to do on the internet. The internet is a place for inspiring people to inspire other people. Someone inspires me. I inspire you. You inspire someone. This is one small way I can continue to live in a world that breaks people so thoroughly so often.

So... I am going to start a series of posts called This. Each This will consist of whatever it is that's inspiring me on that given day. Today, all my This is pulled from the Design is Mine blog, which was introduced to me by my best friend.

I want this so badly.

And this is probably my ideal bedroom.

This is my favorite kitchen [maybe not practically, but aesthetically]. 

And one of these weekends, I'm going to make this.

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