Friday, January 4, 2013

Sitting in bed in a house by the sea, my feet are elevated above the rest of my body with the help of a pillow given to me by Tay's mother because my ankles are the size of baseballs right now. My "20+" hour bus ride from Buenos Aires to Florianópolis was actually a 30 hour bus ride. 30 hours. You get on a bus around bed time. You try to fall asleep. You sleep on and off for several hours until the sun rises. While everyone else you know spends an ENTIRE DAY doing things, going grocery shopping, cleaning their apartments, reading, going to shows, you sit on a bus. And if you are me, you sit on a bus with your eyes closed almost the entire time because you get severe motion sickness, especially when driving. You try to keep your eyes open just long enough to catch some of the countryside.

You listen to 6 episodes of This American Life and 8 episodes of Radiolab. Jad and Robert and Ira come to constitute your entire universe. The sun sets. You try go to sleep, except you're not really tired because you've done nothing but sit all day. And at 5, FIVE, in the morning the next day, you pull into a bus station, you get in a cab, and you go to bed with swollen ankles, smelling like water that drips from air conditioners.
This is the face of a person who was awoken by water suddenly
POURING down on her from the overhead bus air conditioner.

But you look out the window at the rising sun, you see the ocean, you hear birds and waves, everything smells like the best memories from your childhood, and you fall asleep happy. And wake up to a peaceful, colorful neighborhood.

Though today was warm and humid, it was too cloudy for the beach, so instead we wandered downtown Floripa. Drank fresh coconut water straight from the coconut. Walked through parks. Looked at the street art. Watched old men play dominos and chess. Took a bus home just in time to drink mate on a bench under a tree on the beach in Tayla's front yard at sunset. 
Tay breaking into her own house

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