Friday, January 4, 2013

I have 52 minutes before I have to get in a taxi and go to the bus station and take a 24+ hour bus ride to Florianópolis, Brasil, and I have nothing to do in these 52 minutes other than wait for my electronics to charge so that I have music and podcasts, etc. [Note: right after I wrote the previous sentence, my friends all showed up at T's apartment to say goodbye to us, so I am finishing this post from Brasil.]

I will do a quick update about New Years Eve: we made a picnic, got in a taxi, went to our friends' apartment, got on a bus, and went to Puerto Madero.

At midnight, there were fireworks in every direction. We drank champagne. We drank beer. We drank whiskey. Ok, I drank whiskey. We drank tequila.

Tay told me that in Brasil, it's a tradition to put 12 grapes into your champagne on New Years Eve. Then at midnight when you drink your glass, you eat each grape and make a wish for each of the 12 months of the coming year. My only wish for every month was "please, no death."

We danced. We danced a lot. Until the mood shifted, and shit flew, and somehow there were some tears and some fighting. I'm not sure what was going on, because I was too busy peeing on a tree. Look, it's really hard to find bathrooms in South America. There aren't really public restrooms anywhere, restaurants and shops are impossible to get into if you're not buying something, and especially on New Years Eve, the only place to pee is in nature. And sometimes nature is just one tree growing out of the sidewalk on the side of one of Buenos Aires' major streets. Don't judge me. The only reason I picked my tree is because people were using all the other ones. Stay classy, SA.

Tay and I arrived home around 6am. Fortunately the 3 liters of water I drank all night [that everyone made fun of me for] meant that I had a peaceful sleep and a pleasant first day of 2013.

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