Thursday, December 27, 2012

My first Christmas away from my family. Not my first Christmas away from Colorado though. I've passed at least two Christmases in Mexico. My first Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere. My first Christmas that is in the summer and not in the winter. My first 90 degree Christmas. My first Christmas with fireworks. My first Christmas not speaking my native language. My first Christmas not wrapping gifts. My first Christmas in this new reality that began mid December.

Christmas this year began on the 24th. I spent most of the afternoon and early evening running around Buenos Aires, literally, helping D buy Christmas presents since he works 6 days a week and hadn't had time to buy anything until Christmas Eve. I do this, too in Colorado, with R. A tradition I've come to love, finding it hilarious to drive around snowy suburban streets with the rest of the population of Littleton and Highlands Ranch. Here, we went to Abasto. To Alto Palermo. Both closed just as we arrived, so we had little luck. We did manage to stop at Carrefour though, where I bought my Christmas gift for the apartment: a billion pesos worth of alcohol.
Look how Christmasy that Stella is.
D cooked all evening, with the help of A. Tay's friends came over. We all talked to Tay's family over skype. Dinner was served around midnight. And at midnight, we popped a bottle of champagne, and fireworks started going off, constantly, like thunder, like nonstop thunder for over an hour. I didn't even think that many fireworks existed. We ate, drank, opened presents. Tay & A got me this incredible book, which has so far broken my heart, or accompanied my broken heart, or something like that. It is beautiful. I can't think of a more perfect gift to have received at this time.
Ph: Tayla
They each bought each other harmonicas without knowing it.

Presents were followed by lighting our own fireworks, then by a circle on the floor with a hookah, a guitar, some other random instruments, and me hitting a knife against my slowly emptying bottle of Jameson. Till 4am, lights low, tiny Christmas tree and Christmas lights sparkling in the background.
A being Harry Potter

We took a lot of photos, because Tay's apartment is incredibly beautiful and has this amazing blue and white tiled floor, and is the most perfect location for any kind of photo shoot. I chose to wear blue to blend in with the scenery in case anyone tried to pay too much attention to my lack of attentiveness. Because celebrating was hard this year. But I was granted moments of relief. Of happiness and of peace. I even got to speak to my brother in the Hudson River Valley. To R in a hostel in Berlin. And to my parents in Littleton, Colorado. Everywhere that was cold and filled with snow. Everywhere that was not sweltering Buenos Aires.
Ph: Tayla
Me, blending in but making a ridiculous face, as usual. Ph:Tayla.
Ph: Tayla

The fireworks made it rain. According to Tay, whenever there are a lot of fireworks at once, they release enough of a certain kind of chemical into the air, and it always rains. Christmas Eve/Christmas. New Years Eve/New Years. Accidental cloud seeding. And we needed it, because we were turning into puddles on the blue and white tiled floor.
Ph: Tayla

Christmas day, everyone slept a lot. Started drinking in the afternoon, drank till we rushed to the cine to make the 6pm showing of The Hobbit. I will not comment on that movie. Walked home and stopped for pizza, for beers. Ate dinner, drank more, talked more, hookah-ed more. Slept. Again. Until Christmas finally passed.

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