Friday, December 28, 2012

I think I am only now just discovering something people frequently discover at a much younger age, which is that the only thing I always have control over is my own body. Of course I recognize that I am privileged enough to live in a place where I have control over at least that. But I think my sudden desire for tattoos and piercings is a direct result of this new realization, and of my desire for control over something, anything, in the face of loss and change and perpetual delayed gratification. Not that that's a bad thing. It's a good thing. I love it. The newest result is that I went to a place called Bond Street today with Tayla and Catalin and got my nose pierced.

Bond Street is like this indoor-ish mall on Avenida Santa Fe that is filled with tattoo parlors and skateboard shops and piercing places and graffiti. Basically heaven.

I had to walk up a set of very, very skinny stairs, through this hole in the ceiling, to get my piercing.
The beautiful girl who pierced me had every kind of piercing one can get on one's face. It didn't hurt so much as it felt incredibly weird to have a big needle completely puncture such a thick piece of my flesh.

I've wanted this piercing since I was 14. My mom always told me to wait and that if I still wanted it as an adult I should get it. This is the first year of my life [first six months of my life, really] that I've actually felt like an adult. And I still wanted it. And so...

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