Friday, December 7, 2012

I have completed my final week of classes for the first semester of my PhD program. 3 different classes, 40 seminar sessions total [though I only attended 39]. Now I only have to finish writing my first ever hypertext essay [which I will gladly email to anyone who wants to laugh at my hilarious first venture into the creating side of Digital Humanities] & my seminar paper for my [proto]modernism(s) class. So instead of doing those things, I did what I always do when a semester is [almost not quite so close to] over... I cleaned the fuck out of my apartment and I complied a list of awesome things I've been wanting for awhile now.

I very rarely genuinely pine after material objects. Usually my "I want" statements are in jest and involve outrageous things like miniature pigs, entire forests, or $50,000 pieces of furniture. And I know it's obnoxious to create a list of things you wish to own, but I have to get it out of my capitalist-enslaved system sometimes. So here's the list of things I complied. Some of them are still outrageous. Some of them will make you think I am probably the most ridiculous human being in existence. Which is probably true.

This El Cosmico sweatshirt. Because my three days at El Cosmico in Marfa were three of the best, most important days of my life. And I carry my Marfa water bottle around everywhere, so I need a sweatshirt to go with it, obviously. 
This INDOOR FREAKING CLOUD! Because seriously oh my god it's an indoor freaking cloud. Of course this would never fit in my bungalow, but that doesn't diminish my desire for it in the least.
This Aquaponics fish tank. Just go to their Kickstarter and you'll see what I mean. I've always been in love with goldfish, and now I can have one without having to clean its icky slimy tank AND I can grow mint leaves for my mojitos. Full disclosure: I already bought one of these. Or rather, I gave them money on Kickstarter and my reward is one of these tanks, which will ship in February. I think I'll name my goldfish Benjamin Linus.
Noah Falck's Snowmen Losing Weight, which Jake Adam York so awesomely obsesses about over at The Kenyon Review
Paul Legault's The Emily Dickinson Reader, just out from McSweeney's. Because he does English to English translations of Emily Dickinson's poetry, and it's perfect. And as funny as it is, it's just as beautiful. 
This globe of the moon.
This lovely scarf, if she ever makes it again.
That blue whale tissue box. Because he will look the silliest on top of the back of my toilet.
And the thing I maybe want most of all is this old kids globe, which is almost identical to the one my grandfather bought me when I was really young. It has raised texture where the mountains are. I spent hours looking at this globe as a kid, trying to orient myself on it, trying to imagine traveling it. It accidentally got put in the "for sale" pile at our garage sale when I was 8 or so years old, and sold for 25 cents before I could do anything to stop it. I've missed it ever since. Who knows, maybe this one they're selling is mine from all those years ago...

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