Friday, December 7, 2012

Because I've been so busy finishing up my semester, I haven't updated much about the normal everyday kind of stuff I've been doing outside of school. And because I have to document everything, I have to upload all that backlogged business now for the sake of my sanity. None of this will be chronological though. Because fuck time.

1. Went on a hike in Agoura Hills with the woman from the retired couple I met on the plane. It was dry and brown and not exactly the same kind of hiking I was doing this summer in Colorado or in the desert [not that I did much hiking this summer], but it was nice to escape East Hollywood for a few hours. By the way, I've decided I live in East Hollywood. Even though my zipcode is technically Silver Lake, every district map I've seen puts me in East Hollywood, and I'd rather be there anyway.

2. Discovered that everyone hangs out at my neighborhood coffee shop, Intelligentsia, except for me. The one time I went there, it was to meet my cohort friend, and our other cohort friend just happened to show up. Later, everyone told me they go there all the time. GUYS I LIVE RIGHT HERE! Sheesh.

 3. Saw Mark Z. Danielewski read from his new book, The Fifty Year Sword, at Skylight books just near my house. It was interesting to see him read it alone without the accompanying actors and pianist and sound effects, etc, from the REDCAT show. I loved both experiences. I love being read to. It's one of my favorite feelings in the world. After MZD read, I bought a fuck ton of books because I recently received a little extra stipend money for that HASTAC organization I'm a part of, and what better way to spend my money than on books I want to write about someday?

4. Saw Sea Wolf play at the El Rey Theater. Finally saw "Kasper" live. Cried. Duh. I don't know exactly what it is that draws me to Sea Wolf. I would never list them under my favorite bands, yet somehow they're all over my life. "Your A Wolf" is one of the three ringtones on my phone, their first ever EP was the only thing I listened to for six months in 2007, and their newest album dominated my listening for the first few months I lived in LA while I was readjusting and learning a new kind of distance. Their live show was nothing special, but I still smiled through every song that has somehow followed me from the end of my teenage years to now. Also loved the first opening band, The Donnies The Amys. Bought their LP. Listened to it on loop for a few hours on my drive back to LA from NorCal.

5. Relaxed at my beautiful bungalow, Bungalungaloo. Every time I walk through my gate into my little bungalow complex, I smile and feel so at peace. I live in a magical secret garden, I swear.

6. Had a weird few days where I was hyper aware of all the strange things that are always around me here in Los Angeles. This guy on the underground metro train with a bird. The colorful ghosts of footprints. All the unnecessary lamp posts in the Rite Aid pakring lot that one might mistake for an art exhibit if one were farther west in a hipper, richer, part of town. Those excessive lamp posts likely at that Rite Aid because that Rite Aid is across from the Los Angeles Bureau of Street Lighting, who happen to be my next door neighbors. The palm trees that stalk me. Ok they don't stalk me. But actually they do.

7. Finally saw the documentary Chasing Ice, which I tried to see at Sundance last year in SLC, but the theater filled up too quickly. Jeff, from my friend group in Boulder, made the film. I cried. But not for the same reasons everyone else was crying. I just love glaciers that much. I love looking at them and thinking about them and watching them do nothing at all. They're the same thing to me as the desert. Vastness. An answer. A place to run away to.

8. Did many errands. Applied for a Brazilian visa. Picked up that Brazilian visa. Got a new muffler, since the old one melted in the desert and fell off. Got my car fixed after it was making strange sounds on the drive home last week. This meant two visits at the best mechanics ever. They even cleaned the inside and outside of my car for free, though not before making fun of me for having dirt spilled all over the floor in the front of my car. Walked from the mechanic to Mendocino Farms in Hollywood to meet M for a happy lunch. Saw these strange flowers everywhere.
For some reason, this photo of the Brazilian Consulate
building is one of my favorite photos I've ever taken.

9. Saw Damien Jurado and Ben Gibbard play at the Wilshire Ebell. Met Damien after the show. Told him I was going to yell out "Denton, TX" so he'd play it, but that I didn't want to be a dbag. He said I should have done it, that he would have played it. So I promised to follow him around to his LA shows and shout it every time. He is one of the most charming performers on stage I've ever seen. Ben Gibbard opened and closed with Postal Service songs. Played "You Remind Me of Home," which was my song for your first leaving, the one in 2008. But I wished he'd played "Farmer Chords," because that might be my second favorite song of all time, and I tear up even thinking about it. And it will feel like home, no matter how far you'll be from my lonely arms outstretched  just beyond your reach...

10. Got stuck on the metro for TWO FUCKING HOURS because there was a signal out somewhere. Never hated public transit more than I did that day. But at least I wasn't alone.

11. As always, wandered my neighborhood and photographed the new street art. 

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