Wednesday, November 7, 2012

And then this happened all over again...
And even though it was more of a victory in 2012 than it was in 2008, it didn't have quite that same sense of epic-ness. Maybe that's because I was granted the amazing opportunity to attend most of the DNC in Colorado back in '08. And maybe it's because this time I wasn't living in Downtown Denver, the metropolitan center of a swing state, where I was able to run outside my apartment and join all the people living in the streets  in celebration and with tears of joy. Though there were tears this time, too. And community, still. A different community. My Willow Brook Ave people, most of whom have lived on this street their whole lives, who remember when the elementary school on the block didn't look so much like a prison. We shared the remainder of my bourbon and threw party snaps against the sidewalk and talked about how grateful we are to live in this country, to live in this country where a symbol of oppression was not just elected our leader and figurehead.
Whatever this election means to you, however fucked up you know this political system is, I can't help but celebrate my POTUS who, imperfect as he is, stands as a symbol of inclusion. Who SHOWS OTHERS that I, a woman and a queer person, am just as important a part of this country as anyone else. Who values my rights over my parents' money. Thank fucking universe for that. And for the the rest of our issues, we still have work to do... and work we will.

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