Friday, November 30, 2012

An argument for noticing. A trip north up the coast. With commentary assistance provided by H.D.'s novella, Paint it Today [italics]. Without chronology. Because California is big. So there isn't much temporal distinction available to me anyway.

The visible world exists; I have found since I have outgrown the period of war convalescence that the visible world exists poignantly, as ether[e]ally as the the invisible.

 There is another world, or a combining of two worlds.  

When we can get the visible and the invisible together that makes another world.

I used to believe in the past and in what I called the future; when you get the past and the future together you get what I call, now for the sake of argument, the present, at least a poignant and ethereal present which I call the visible world.

And she is asked, and her character is asked, and I am asked, by those who love us, who are striving to balance our curious behavior and babble with the magnet that pulls them toward us, Is your world a cloud, that you must make these curious distinctions between past, present, visible and invisible?

And we answer the way we always answer: a non-sequiter —if only there were a way to be a goat and not a fish, a fish and not a goat.

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