Sunday, September 16, 2012

There are so many things to do in this city at all times, it's overwhelming. And exhausting. I'm trying to do everything all of the time because everything I've done since I've moved here has made me so happy, but I'm thinking I need to calm down, cut back, and maybe take a nap. But since I haven't done that yet, I'll just give you a little blip of what my grad school life is like here in LA. This week--

Monday: Take artwork to be framed by Mario at Silver Lake Custom Frame. Buy two rusted blue metal porch chairs from a convenience store on Sunset Blvd for $65. Buy cactuses at my local Sunset Junction cactus boutique [for real]. Mail letter to former student who now lives in England. Yoga. Eat oysters for dinner with R, and B&M at N's restaurant, Blue Plate Oysterette, in Santa Monica.

Tuesday: Reading. School. Reading.

Wednesday: Reading. School Reading.

Thursday: Reading. School. Dinner and drinks with the 620 crew at The Lab Gastropub, which is a science lab themed restaurant right off the USC campus.

Friday: Organizing. Cleaning. Reading. Organizing. Aimee Bender reading at Beyond Baroque in Venice. Dinner with fellow first years at Mao's Kitchen. Graffiti finding.

Saturday: Beach. Swimming. Graffiti finding. Phone calls. Yoga. Reading.

Sunday: Reading. Having to miss movie night with first years at S's place so I can keep reading.

All of which is interspersed with pasta eating, GLPress reading, various episodes of Sports Night, Arrested Development, and Louie, street parking, and occasional sleeping. The soundtrack to the above has been the four Houses seasons EPs.

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