Sunday, September 2, 2012

Last Wednesday, before leaving for Oregon on Thursday, I went to my favorite sandwich shop in the world, Mendocino Farms, and then ate my sandwich on the beach in Marina del Rey. And took lots of ocean photos using various iPhone camera applications. Because when I was little, my grandma used to have these old, washed out, yellowed photos of relatives of ours on the beach somewhere. I think it was Costa Rica? Or Puerto Rico. And I loved the beach all washed out like that, the water tinted yellow from time, the edges of the photos wrinkled and torn because of the poor quality of the paper on which they were printed. And being a Digital Humanities student, I'm fascinated by my ability to recreate the feel of those old, analog images with my tiny, highly digital phone.

Also, I'm obsessed with sunsets. Clearly.

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