Saturday, September 22, 2012

I've chosen Friday as my no-work day each week. Since this isn't possible when in a PhD program, "no -work" really only means no seminar related work. Instead, my Fridays are for the following:

&] reading for USC's chapbook press
&] writing and finalizing my own work for submission
&] perusing different conferences and considering their calls for papers
&] imagining what projects I might pursue this semester
&] finding beautiful examples of digital and analog technology that question their respective media
&] exploring texts, etc that I have compiled on a long list of "shit I need to know more about"
&] looking for and scheduling events related to my area of study/interests
&] investigating various digital humanities related organizations, publications, conferences, etc.
&] updating my seminar blog re: digital humanities concerns
&] updating my own blog re: personal concerns, nonsense, sunsets, boring daily activities, street art, my apartment, my cat, things other people say, things other people do, things that make me sad, things that make me happy, things that annoy me, other things, travels, the desert...

&] locating myself in this massive academic landscape that actually isn't a landscape but a giant ocean with jellyfish and turtles and sharks and things that eat their own babies and schools of shiny little assholes that dart past you and change shape before your very eyes to avoid being eaten by something hovering just above the water.

&] wondering what the hell this means

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