Monday, September 17, 2012

Even though seasons don't change much here south on the pacific coast, I'm deciding it's time to put Summer to rest and move on to what the rest of the world calls Fall. The only way I've ever really marked these transitions is through music. Goodbye to my summer mix, my summer love. It's been indescribably wonderful.
1. We Are the Tide - Blind Pilot
2. Province - TV on the Radio
3. Untitled (Love Song) - Counting Crows
4. To the Black (Firefly Theme) - The Browncoats
5. Ghosts - The Head and The Heart
6. Civilization - Justice
7. DLZ - TV on the Radio
8. Cats and Dogs - The Head and the Heart
9. Half Moon - Blind Pilot
10. Side With the Seeds - Wilco

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