Saturday, August 18, 2012

I live in Los Angeles. For five years, all I've wanted to do is live in Los Angeles. It's going to take awhile for this to sink in. Unpacking would help. I've unpacked a lot, but there are still many boxes and bits cluttering the apartment. I have a front yard. I have a kitchen. I have a space that I've made into a living room/office/dining room. This sounds large, but I promise it's small. Over the past five years of living alone, I've learned how to best utilize space in a one bedroom apartment. The first thing I always put together is my "office." My Room & Board gallery leaning shelves in natural steel and reclaimed wood. Filled with my books and the little things I've collected over time [gifts and travel finds]. This "office" has functioned in three different incarnations. Below: the first photo is Los Angeles, the second is Salt Lake City, and the third is Denver.

I have run out of shelf space again and am thinking I will use any Christmas money I might receive to buy a fourth Room & Board shelf. No author whose last name starts with Z fits in this version of my "office" right now. Neither does my printer or my little box of office related supplies.

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