Saturday, August 18, 2012

Final Colorado days...

Saw friends around town, including baby friends. Ate food with friends, played outside with friends.

Saw Justice at Red Rocks. Danced my everything off.

Visited Boulder Creek a couple times. Had mini forest exploration time.

Found some graffiti.

Lunch at Little India in Belmar. Lunch at Willy's Wings. Lunch at the Boulder Farmer's Market. Dinner at the Boulder Farmer's Market. Dinner at Centro. Dinner at Firehouse Subs.

Saw Beasts of the Southern Wild again. Cried again. Made R wait with me in our seats for 20 minutes after the movie so I could cry some more. Watched the Perseid Meteor Shower with R, just like we've done almost every August since I can remember.


Living in Boulder this summer was the best decision I've ever made. Chez SkettiO's is the most wonderful, perfect little apartment I've ever lived in. I loved every second in Boulder. I loved walking to Atlas everyday to read, drink chai, and escape the heat. I loved playing in the creek. I loved riding my bike everywhere. I loved going to late night yoga at CorePower SoBo, then driving home with the windows down listening to "Half Moon" by Blind Pilot. I loved all my Red Rocks shows. I loved exploring the Pearl St. restaurants with R. I loved my birthday spa day at the St. Julien. I loved sitting on my front porch late at night talking with my neighbors. I loved having little day adventures in and around Boulder, with friends, with R, and alone. I loved everything related to Unreasonable. I loved being close enough to home that I could visit, but far enough that I could feel the seclusion I've been searching for for so many months. I loved spontaneous hang out time with R. I loved all the random people I met on the streets in downtown Boulder. I loved driving back to Boulder on 93 at night while listening to my summer mix and staring at the stars. I love Colorado with every ounce of my being.

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