Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Less-than-a-week in LA in one sentence & ten hundred photos:

Drove into Los Angeles angry about the loss of my wallet, forgot that & melted when I saw downtown shooting up over the hills, dealt with an insufficiently cleaned but still beautiful new apartment, learned what street parking & street sweeping mean and why they suck infinitely, unpacked, arranged, cleaned, had a break down in Bed Bath & Beyond, unpacked, arranged, cleaned, slept, unpacked, arranged, cleaned through the blur that was my weekend, met some neighbors in my complex who are all young professional couples, met some neighbors who live near my building and who eventually explained that they're active gang members and they "ain't nevah been fucked with in this neighborhood" when I asked if the area is safe, spent too much time in places like Target trying to spend as little as possible so as to protect my tiny bank account from overdraft since I no longer have a credit card since I no longer have anything since my ID was stolen, learned that Silver Lake doesn't have a Target or a Starbucks or anything remotely suburban other than the standard fastfood chains like McDonald's, felt eerily comfortable & uncomfortable driving through Hollywood like I've lived here my whole life/like I was living someone else's life, thought about how Los Angeles is a major world city but how to me it really just feels like something else that's important for very different reasons, realized I don't actually give a fuck about traffic and wished people would stop expecting me to give a fuck about traffic, unpacked, arranged, cleaned, spent 9 hours between Hollywood's two DMV's, spent part of that 9 hours walking back and forth between the DMV some library on Melrose so I could print a variety of forms that never actually helped me accomplish anything and cost 25 cents per page, finally got California license plates, finally got a California driver's license, realized that people who work at the DMV are actually pretty nice and that it's really just the government hoops & the DMV customers who make that place hell, kept inadvertently catching glimpses of palm trees out of the corner of my eye and smiled through the DMV pain whenever that happened, understood what everyone I know talks about when they say that LA landlords/property managers are the worst, caught up on Breaking Bad, caught up on The Newsroom, watched a documentary about Charles and Ray Eames, dreamed of having infinite funds to purchase all the furnishings I've ever wanted, finished reading Satantango in my papasan chair in my front yard, got giddy about the fact that I have a front yard, got my replacement credit card in the mail and was overjoyed because now I can buy food, drove to Frogtown to buy a dresser made entirely of reclaimed wood from the designer who lives in a mostly empty all white apartment above his workshop, drove by the Frogtown apartment I had previously arranged to check out before I chose this apartment instead, had the opposite of buyer's remorse about the Frogtown apartment, walked up & down Sunset Blvd beginning at Santa Monica Blvd, took lots of photos of street art, got stared at by many hipsters who were likely judging me for thinking the street is photo worthy even though they were all probably secretly instagraming the same photos at that moment, ate at Silver Lake Coffee Shop because it was the first restaurant I walked by and because the light fixtures were really great, went into numerous stores and pined over things I'll never be able to afford and that I could never justify buying anyway, went into a mid century modern furniture store where I couldn't afford anything either, met the owner whose name is Steve, got tips from Steve on where to buy cheaper furniture items, went to the Silver Lake Farmer's Market, sat on the edge of an empty fountain and ate 3 kumamoto oysters from a farmer's market oyster bar shack, walked home down a beautiful street off of Santa Monica Blvd, realized there are a billion important things going on around me at all times in this city, researched my neighborhood and learned why it's so important to so many people, decided it's important to me, too.

Part[s] of the apartment:

The neighborhood:

Eating [Silver Lake Coffee Shop & the Silver Lake Farmer's Market]:

Street art [Hollywood, WeHo, Frogtown, & Silver Lake]: 

Oh and one more thing: The Silver Lake Conservatory of Music is right near me at Sunset Junction and earlier this summer they released Flea's awesome 6 song EP, Helen Burns. 


Why have all my days here felt so damn short?

Saturday, August 18, 2012

I live in Los Angeles. For five years, all I've wanted to do is live in Los Angeles. It's going to take awhile for this to sink in. Unpacking would help. I've unpacked a lot, but there are still many boxes and bits cluttering the apartment. I have a front yard. I have a kitchen. I have a space that I've made into a living room/office/dining room. This sounds large, but I promise it's small. Over the past five years of living alone, I've learned how to best utilize space in a one bedroom apartment. The first thing I always put together is my "office." My Room & Board gallery leaning shelves in natural steel and reclaimed wood. Filled with my books and the little things I've collected over time [gifts and travel finds]. This "office" has functioned in three different incarnations. Below: the first photo is Los Angeles, the second is Salt Lake City, and the third is Denver.

I have run out of shelf space again and am thinking I will use any Christmas money I might receive to buy a fourth Room & Board shelf. No author whose last name starts with Z fits in this version of my "office" right now. Neither does my printer or my little box of office related supplies.