Thursday, July 5, 2012

Preface: All this travel has sapped me of the energy necessary to write anything more than simple, straightforward narrations of my trip. Like extended facebook statuses. Either that or my imagination is broke. Beef. Stew.

Left Colorado on Sunday morning and headed west. Suburbs turned into foothills turned into mountains turned into desert turned into Moab. I haven't been back to Utah since I moved away in May, and as much as I resented that place while I was there, I was overjoyed to be proudly sporting Utah plates while in the state. Walked around downtown Moab for a bit and gathered information before heading to Arches National Park.

I camped at Devil's Garden Campground Sunday night. Set up my tent, wandered, ate, watched the sunset from the edge of a giant rock ridge, went to the little campground program at 9pm to hear about how people in this area survived back in 1000 CE.

Woke up at 6am Monday morning and drove to the parking lot for the Delicate Arch trail where I hiked 3 miles to see that famous rock. It was much more moving than I'd expected it to be. I sat and stared at it for a long, long time before descending. Then drove back to Devil's Garden to hike Double O and to see Landscape Arch. I got lost a few times coming back from that hike and had a moment of exasperation only experienceable in the desert. I had run out of water, the wind had erased tracks in the sand, everything looked the same, I couldn't hear a single human being. But I found my way and happily drove off in my air conditioned vehicle. 

I tried to find a place called Faux Falls that a guy working in Mont*Bell in Boulder told me to visit. I accidentally went off-roading pretty intensely while searching, but instead I found this little creek bed where I skinny dipped in the middle of beautiful nothing. Then I made a quick visit to Hole N" The Rock, which is amazing in so many ways I can't describe, you'll just have to look it up

Drove hours and hours to Overton, Nevada where I stayed at the cutest little hotel owned by a very sweet couple. The man made fun of me for wanting to see Michael Heizer's Double Negative. He also asked me how alternate reality is when I mentioned I live in Boulder. But he was very helpful and kind. I swear I was the only person in the three story hotel. Went swimming in the pool the next morning before grabbing a tuna salad sandwich [translation: mayo sandwich with a bit of tuna] from the only restaurant open in town: The Inside Scoop. Drove to the earthwork. Descended into the man made canyon that is the first half of the piece. Looked across the mesa into the second man made canyon. Once again stripped off my clothes as I am wont to do when in the middle of nowhere in nature. Did yoga at the edge of the earthwork. Felt expansive. Got dressed. Drove back to town to get ice cream. Drove through the Valley of Fire. Passed Las Vegas. Then finally arrived in Los Angeles after exactly two years away from the place. 

I'm not going to post all my desert pictures here because there are about 300 of them. I'll instead link to my facebook album with the rest of the photos. I am pretty obsessed with the desert, but you knew that already.

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