Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Los Angeles: The Santa Monica leg of my trip--

After 3 days in Ktown with a Utah friend, I moved myself over to Santa Monica to stay with R's best friend for the remainder of my trip. I got my spare tire lifted off my parked car in Ktown, so Friday was spent trying and failing to find a shop that could replace it. Eventually I gave up had some lunch and coffee at Urth Cafe. Then drove around the neighborhood I used to visit when R lived here. Made peace with the existence of that place without us. Fell asleep in the old park.

Later, we walked Venice for 1st Friday where there were about ten hundred food trucks and ten million people.

Saturday I waited for N to get off from work by eating brunch at the most delicious place ever, Sauce on Hampton. I ordered rosewater, which is now my favorite beverage. While everyone was waiting for their food, the servers brought out two slices of fresh peach for eat table. It was by far the best peach I've ever tasted in my life. And after eating, they brought everyone a freshly baked chocolate chip macadamia nut cookie with the check. I enjoyed the cookie, then wandered Rose Ave until I ended up at Venice beach. Where I again fell asleep, just like in the park the day before. This trip has a me-accidentally-falling-asleep-in-beautiful-but-public-places theme. 

Then Saturday night, I finally met M, who I've been waiting to meet for two years. We dined on the Santa Monica Pier and watched the sunset. It was very much a jigsaw falling into place moment. 

Sunday, N and I woke up early and drove to Zuma Beach in Malibu. Ate brunch at a very tasty place overlooking the shore. Fell asleep, again, on the beach. But this time that resulted in my transformation into bacon and a bow shaped burn line on my back.

Later that evening, I went to True Food Kitchen in Santa Monica for dinner and the best juice drinks of my life. They were all free because the server had forgotten to put in my order for half an hour. It was worth the wait though.

Monday morning I left Los Angeles. Before leaving, I stopped by our favorite sandwich shop: Mendocino Farms in Marina Del Rey. Ate in the California sun. 

Every other time in my life that I've left Los Angeles, I've done so in tears. And this time was no exception. If I didn't know I'm moving there in a month, I may not have left at all.

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