Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Life has been non-stop since I returned from the desert. This past Thursday through Sunday was the Denver Post Underground Music Showcase [The UMS]. I've gone every year since 2007 or 2008, and this year was no exception. I have a more detailed post about the UMS from last year, because this year I only went to two of the four days. Thursday, I saw Fairchildren at The Irish Rover, then spent the rest of the evening sitting on the sidewalk against a building across from Wheel Club 404 talking to J, a college friend.
I finally met John Moore, a man whose sister and nephews I've know for years, but who I never met in person until this weekend. I thanked him for The UMS, my favorite weekend of the year. Then J and I wandered into the Hi-Dive at some point and caught the last few songs of Munly & The Lupercalians. They were insane and wonderful. All the musicians but the lead singer had these strange masks made of long sticks shooting up into the air [my ability to effectively describe anything seems to have escaped me lately]. I bought their album because how could I not? Too creepy and beautiful to pass up.

Friday, I ended up staying in Boulder for the Unreasonable Institute's Day of Play which really just meant I had lunch with P & R at The Med, then went with R to a presentation/talk about his company, Unreasonable Adventures. When I'm reminded of what kinds of game changing things R and his friends are up to, I can't help but to be so proud. I spent the evening with my neighbors at a BBQ for the couple across the hall from me who is moving to New York. I love my neighbors. I felt instantly a part of their community when I arrived here in May, and I'll be sad to leave for that reason in August.

Saturday was epic. Have I used that word on this blog too many times? I don't care. It was. Around 1pm, the Unreasonable Institute Climax event began on the CU Boulder campus. All the Unreasonable Fellows from this summer presented their final pitches for their businesses. When they all first came rushing into the auditorium at the beginning of the event following a video that presented their progress over the past several weeks, I burst into tears. The afternoon was dotted with mingling sessions, a food truck party, and lots of time with my two best friends and my favorite Indians.

R & I had VIP tickets, which allowed us to head over to the Unreasonable Mansion after the Climax where there was a pajama party. We were out till 4am. Dancing. Singing. Starting song circles, free style rap circles, piano sessions. We ate and drank and met people and watched them sing and laugh and dance and it was such a happy event full of joyful people celebrating community and love and passion and social entrepreneurship, which is what brought us all together in the first place.
R was rocking it in his XXXL light pink Unreasonable pajamas, grey Mozilla shirt, and fuzzy white fedora. It made his piano playing later in the evening all the more badass. 
The night ended with R & I buying tickets to San Francisco to visit M & F at The Factory. More about that in a future post. 

Somehow I dragged myself out of bed Sunday late afternoon and drove down to Denver for the final day of The UMS. I went to Fancy Tiger and finally got myself one of those awesome Coloradical! T-shirts I've wanted for years.
My friend from Utah played in a new band with her sister from Bela Karoli at Wheel Club 404. They rocked it. And rolled it. At some point, I walked back down S. Broadway to see The Centennial play The Irish Rover, then hit the Goodwill outdoor stage to see Nathaniel Rateliff & Co. The end of the night found J and me at 3 Kings where In The Whale tore the place down. I've missed good old fashion hardcore rock shows. I left drenched in other peoples' sweat, ears ringing. It was the best show of the weekend.

I finally returned to somewhat of a routine today by going to yoga late this evening. Tomorrow will be my first real day back in Boulder without plans or events or people to see. Just reading and relaxing and yoga and complaining about not having air conditioning. I can't wait.

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