Thursday, July 5, 2012

The last time I was in Los Angeles was exactly two years ago--the first week of July 2010. I'd been in town for the entire month of June as well. It was before I'd moved to Utah. Before losing everything. When all my friends were still alive. When my family's friends were still alive. When my friends' families and friends were still alive. But returning here, I didn't find a record of all that change. It was like someone had hit fast forward and skipped over the last two years--Utah, struggle, heartbreak--and landed me exactly where I'd left off at the precipice of what I now think of as a previous version of myself. I sighed as I watched downtown Los Angeles come into view and I remembered all the love I experienced here and all the wonderful memories I have of driving past and through that iconic city.

4th of July, a Utah friend of mine and I drove up the PCH to Malibu. We ate lunch at a sea food restaurant, talked on the beach for a long time, found a delicious cafe in a beautiful shopping center, had dinner in a nearby Mexican-ish restaurant, then watched fireworks from the beach. I've missed California so much. It still hasn't really hit me that this is my home now.

Today I found a place to live. It only took me two apartment showings [but months and months of daily craigslist and WestSideRentals research]. It's in Silver Lake where there is weirdness and graffiti all over the sidewalk. Gangs and hipsters are everywhere all at once. 

 I can't wait till August when I get to move into my lovely new home in the 90029.

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