Monday, June 11, 2012

Places I've been spending time:

1. My apartment [also called Chez SkettiO's, for which there is a facebook page that has begun to develop a mind of its own].

2. Boulder Creek. I spent one day reading on a rock in the creek close to downtown and another day tubing down the creek higher up. I lost my blood, my Ray-Bans, part of my knee cap, my swim suit, and my dignity that day, but it was well worth it. There were so many people at the creek on Saturday, it was overwhelming, but in a beautiful way. Someone had rigged a rope to a tree branch so people could swing off of it into the river below. A man approached us and asked us for cigarettes and booze. He told us how all his tattoos were burned off in a house fire. He showed us his tracheotomy scar from a different incident. He bragged about having been in the hospital six times in two years before he left us to head upstream and jump off of a tree into the creek.

2.5 Unknown places. After the creek, we ended up at someone's house somewhere in Boulder, which I feel is a typical Boulder occurrence as my best friend was simultaneously experiencing a similar confused, go-with-the-flow evening with strangers elsewhere in Boulder. Ended up at Avery Brewery for about two seconds before going to Med for a late dinner and a nice walk home.

Other food places I've visited in Boulder this summer include Zoe MA MA's [pictured below], Two Spoons, Centro, Crepes a La Cart, and Foolish Craig's. I'm trying to hit everything downtown before I move in August.

3. Ken Caryl. Because my Tiny Brother, the one who disappeared to the other side of the world, returned this weekend with the most ridiculous stories I've ever heard about baboons, appendage-less people, death threats, farming, motorcycle taxis, serendipitous concerts, nazi pummeling, and light house living 100 kilometers north of the Arctic circle. We took a drive around our valley before settling on our red rocks for most of the evening. 

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