Thursday, June 21, 2012

I will call this post, Why I Am Happy:

Forest fire sunsets,

air conditioning & endless iced spicy chai at Atlas coffee shop,

Boulder Farmer's Market, a lovely friend, a lovely friend's baby,

& the beautiful work of my beautiful friends, one of whom edits this journal, another of whom is published in it.

O, and this extraneous O on the sidewalk.

In addition, my 24th birthday is this coming Sunday, which means my birthday weekend begins tomorrow. Why do I get an entire weekend? Because I said so. Dinner at ChoLon on Friday, Wilco at Red Rocks on Saturday, and some surprise on Sunday for which R has informed me that I need a tuxedo, scuba gear, and a space suit, among other things, after which we will recover by eating appetizers at various Pearl St. restaurants, followed by meeting friends for drinks nearby.

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