Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Early this afternoon, I had brunch in Golden with my very first roommate ever. I met her when I moved to New York City to attend Wagner College when I was 18. I left that school after a semester for reasons that are too numerous and too sad to explicate in this blog, and I've never once been back to that campus or to Staten Island. I haven't seen my roommate since the day she helped pack me into a cab headed for Manhattan where I eventually got a flight out of that horrible time in my life. It's been over five and a half years since then. Two Ali's ago. I hardly remember that life. Seeing her brought back some strange memories that I can finally think about again without wanting to vomit on everything.

After brunch, I read for awhile in a park before meeting JAY for drinks in Denver.

As restless as I am lately, occasionally I have days like today that erase my previous restlessness and even the score.

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