Monday, June 18, 2012

During my Spiral Jetty excursion this past April, I collected some bits from the area, one of which is a vertebra [most likely from a large bird that died and was preserved by the lake's salted sand]. Last week, I stumbled upon a store on east Pearl that does custom jewelry design, and with the help of one of the jewelers, I designed a necklace for that vertebra.

I find myself continually clutching the bone softly in my hand, as if it's an external representation of my own heart. I feel safe with it around my neck, like the vast expanses inside me can find an external place to expand into. A more effective coalescence between whatever desert is inside me and whatever deserts out in the world I have left to explore.

The woman at the jewelry shop asked about the piece. About my love for the desert. I told her about my upcoming road trip and my need to visit the earthworks and their surrounding nothingness. She said, you must have walked the desert in another life. You must need to find your way back. Which is exactly how I feel.

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