Tuesday, May 15, 2012

This is where I live:

This is where my best friends live:
It's the same place. Except now they're moving. They're moving even closer to my house, but we had to say goodbye to this beautiful backyard yesterday. So we drank whiskey and watched the sun set on the mountains that connect our two neighborhoods. And even though that backyard will always exist, it won't exist in the same way. And frankly that's just terrible. So it goes.

Oh and this is Denver. I used to live here. I moved into this apartment building when I was 18. Got a job at the restaurant in the building. Spent 8 insane months there, then quit my job, moved up the street four blocks, and never looked back. Well, you know, not really. Except for taking this photo today I guess.

And this happened on 16th Street today. Denver is my ex boyfriend.

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