Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My life in Salt Lake City, Utah is finally coming to an end. The past 20 months I've lived here have no idea that they'll be ending abruptly in less than four days. But I'm not too concerned. After writing one more paper and entering my students' final grades, I'll be finished with my Master's degree. And then onto Los Angeles and a PhD program. But before that, it's going to be summer. In less than 24 hours. And for the next three and a half months. And since I have to compulsively reiterate my plans for the sake of satisfying my obsessive need to organize, I will do so now.

I'm moving back to my parents' house in the Ken Caryl Valley for a couple weeks before moving into my studio apartment in Boulder on May 21st. It's small, a block away from downtown Pearl Street, and perfect for my summer in transition. I'm only bringing my clothes and personal items, my bike, my yoga mat, my computer, my cat, and these books:
All I want to do every day is ride my bike to yoga, read, write, and spend time with people I love. And that's all I am going to do. Well, that and:

1. Drive to Durango for a weekend to visit an old friend
2. See lots of shows at Red Rocks
3. Celebrate my 24th birthday!
4. Take a desert road trip to see the land art of the American West
5. Stop in Los Angeles along the way to find a place to live
6. Go to the UMS
7. Go to South America for two weeks
8. Move to Los Angeles
9. Visit the coast of Oregon for my friends' wedding

And then, on August 27th, I will start my PhD program at the University of Southern California and I will start my life over for the fourth time in six years.

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