Monday, May 28, 2012

I feel the busiest ever even though I have no job and no commitments. I've been running around Littleton, Denver, Boulder like a crazy person seeing people I love and doing silly things. It's been wonderful. I even decorated the garage floor with these flowers. Ok not really.

1. I'm redoing my childhood room at my parents' house. It hasn't been changed since the house was first built 20 years ago. When it's finished, I'll show before and after photos, but let's just say it's time for me to grow up and create an adult space to occupy when I occasionally come home to Littleton to visit. I went to Colorado's brand new IKEA to find furniture. Just a desk, a nightstand, a small dresser, and a couple lamps. The walls are going to be gray. I can't wait until it's all set up. It's the last room in the house to be redone, so now it won't feel so incongruous.

2. One of my oldest friends and I spent last Monday doing art, just like we used to do when we took all the same art classes at Littleton High School. We never listened, we always did whatever we wanted, and it was awesome. He draws things. I glue shit to other shit. Here's both of us:
And here's a close up of the items I found in my basement and glued together:

3. I moved to Boulder. I live in a tiny attic with wood floors a block away from downtown Pearl Street. I have a bed, a chair, my books, my bike, my yoga mat, my clothes, and some cooking related items. I hung my college posters on the wall. I sleep with the windows open. I read next to them during the day and look out onto the garden courtyard below. I go to yoga almost every day. I wander. I make popsicles. I giggle at a lot of random little things. I even got to have a hilarious adventure with R last night that involved day drinking, Boulder Bookstore, Centro, and random Pearl Street friend making. This is all I wanted.

4. All the green that is this Colorado May. And all the places I've been driving to see everyone.



5. I finally watched Firefly and was so in love that I watched Serenity. But now I'm done with both and I've moved on to Twin Peaks. I hate when shows I love are over. But the Firefly, Twin Peaks, Wind-Up Bird Chronicle thing going on in my life right now is a pretty interesting combination.

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