Saturday, May 19, 2012

I am currently living in Denver where I am house sitting for a friend mere blocks away from my favorite restaurant and from the coffee house I spent most of my teenage years frequenting. So far, I've found these things:

But I also went home today to clean out my childhood room at my parents' house. Here's an abridged list of the things I found there:

  • a collection of poker chips from casinos all over the western United States
  • two pregnancy tests
  • my ex boyfriend's empty bottle of Lacoste cologne
  • every head band ever made
  • way too many unrequited love poems that I wrote about someone who is still in my life, which is a little embarrassing
  • my baby book
  • letters my parents sent me at summer camp
  • swim team ribbons
  • a pin from the very first opening day at Coors Field
  • printed out IM conversations between my cousin and me from when we were 14ish
  • money from like a billion different countries
  • chocolate from Rome that had actually turned to dust
  • dust
  • all sorts of bitchy stickers that I clearly bought from Hot Topic when I was 13

Then my mom and I went shopping for flowers, like we do every year. The store organizes their pots by color, which is pretty much exactly how my brain looks on the inside.

I move to Boulder on Tuesday.

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