Wednesday, April 4, 2012

If every day of my life looked like this, I would be the happiest person around.
Except substitute "cycle" for "run." I don't know when I became a person driven by my desire to exercise, but I'm glad to now have those impulses as ingrained in me as eating and sleeping. More than a few days away from a bike or without yoga and I totally lose it. Last summer, I started doing yoga four days a week at CorePower in Colorado, and it changed everything about my life. I never cared about my body or being healthy until then. I was never able to achieve stillness until then. For awhile I'd been feeling this urge inside of me, but I didn't recognize that it was an urge to be still until I found stillness in yoga.

Speaking of stillness, I'm intending to take another trip out the the Spiral Jetty sometime this month. Maybe with a group of writers in my program, maybe by myself. I miss that place. Its desert ghosts and decaying birds. Its attempted recollection of the ocean with all its salt and gulls.


I wrote 19 pages in 48 hours this weekend. Took occasional breaks for Mad Men, the Shameless season two finale, Breaking Bad, and a midnight visit to Village Inn with a friend for some breakfast dinner. Completed both parts of the American Studies MA Exam.

I'm hoping that insistant, persistant declarations of my future city of residence will bring such a wish to fruition. I'm closer to Los Angeles now than I've ever been. But I won't allow myself to believe anything yet.

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