Thursday, June 2, 2011

Short lesson in South American slang as I know it:

dale: what you say [most frequently in Argentina] when you agree to something [not formally though]. Example: Patron- Puedo tener un vaso de agua? Waiter- Dale.
sip [or sipo]: sí in Chile. Argentinians seem to believe that Chileans speak terribly. "Sip" is one of their complaints. I was immediately recognized as not being from Chile because I didn't say "sip."
Che: A way to informally address someone. I guess "dude" would be the closest English slang equivalent to this one.
xq: internet/texting version of "porque" because x in Spanish signifies por [like in multiplication, etc]
gata: whore, a not nice thing to call a girl you don't like
chupala: "suck it!" This is a normal joking thing to say in Buenos Aires, like you would say it in the US. In Chile, this is not ok to say. For such a pretty sounding word, it's kinda vulgar.

And now, some photos of one of my favorite neighborhoods in Buenos Aires: Palermo SoHo. I know, the name is annoyingly Americanized [there's also a Palermo Brooklyn and a Palermo Hollywood]. Bruna and I spent most of the day Tuesday having lunch at a fancy cafe in PSoHo, followed by shopping in the lovely [though overpriced] shops in the neighborhood. My favorite graffiti in Buenos Aires can always be found in Palermo.

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