Sunday, June 5, 2011

Saturday was cold. Every day is cold now as the lingering fall has finally succumbed to winter. My departure date [three days from now] is arriving just in time, as I did not pack warm enough clothes for this kind of persistent, wet cold. I decided my day would be better spent in a museum than wandering the streets with freezing toes, so after my cafe con leche and pastry breakfast, I walked down to MALBA [Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires].

MALBA is basically Buenos Aires' version of MoMA, but with only Latin American art. The gift shop even sells the same things as the MoMA shop does but with the MALBA marking where the MoMA one would be. I purchased a little book of photos of bicycles in the MALBA bookstore as bicycles seem to be my new obsession. Or maybe I'm just obsessed with looking at them [and of course riding mine]. What I mean is, I'm obsessed but I'm no fixie kid.

The special exhibit was my favorite because I was completely and unexpectedly shocked by it. I was admiring some square tile shaped crystal-type items with pretty, strange colors inside. Then there was a checkered pattern on the floor with these same pretty tiles. Some cool prints of money designs on glass. Reading about the exhibit came after looking at the art since everything was in Spanish and therefore required more of my concentration. First, here are photos of what I saw [via artist Cristina Piffer's website because I wasn't allowed to use my camera in the museum]:

And now for the very simple list of materials:

Photo one: acrylic, raw cow meat, stainless steel
Photo two: acrylic, raw cow meat, cow fat and wax, stainless steel
Photo three: cow intestins, formaldehyde, glass, stainless steel
Photo four: cow fat and wax, stainless steel

and my favorites...
Photo five: acrylic, dried cow's blood, stainless steel
Photo six: glass, dried cow's blood, stainless steel


Eventually Tayla met me at the museum.
We walked around Recoleta until we found something to eat. Walked back up to my neighborhood for coffee, then back to the hostel to make plans for the next day.

The next day [today] was supposed to be a trip to el Tigre, a little town outside of Buenos Aires. Unfortunately it was freezing out [did I mention that before?] and taking a train up the coast just sounded like the last thing we wanted to do. Not to mention we had tried to coordinate our trip with a few other people, which proved impossible. So instead I took the subte to her apartment in Boedo. We listened to the new Radiohead album while drinking Colombian coffee, then took the bus way way way far away from Buenos Aires as I know it to an all porteño, no tourist neighborhood for la feria de mataderos. I didn't take any photos as I tend to keep my camera out of site when I am in a not so friendly neighborhood. But the feria was great. It was filled with gaucho everything. We ate traditional Argentinian empanadas, and for desert I ate a massive crepe filled with dulce de leche. Many porteños were dressed in costumes and gaucho clothing and were dancing to the live music. Buenos Aires loves to dance.

I took the subte home from the very sketchy Boedo station. Broke my camera rule [there was no one in sight anyway] to get a photo of the creepiest subway station I think I have ever experienced.
I get sassy when I'm uncomfortable.

Arrived home safely to my warm room, exhausted and finally feeling like I am ready to return to beautiful Colorado for the less adventurous, more relaxing 2/3rds of my summer. Current summer plans include:

Okkervil River @ the Bluebird
Ben Folds @ the Ogden
Road trip to Salt Lake City with P & J for the Decemberists @ Twilight Series

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