Friday, June 3, 2011

Had lunch with my father's friend, Agustina, today at a delicious sushi restaurant in Recoleta. Afterward, I headed south and wandered around Puerto Madero. Puerto Madero definitely competes with Palermo SoHo for the title of my favorite neighborhood in Buenos Aires. It is the most beautiful right when the sun is going down. If it weren't so ridiculously expensive, I'd have drinks along the docks there every night.

I also happened to find a massive amount of graffiti on the wall surrounding a construction site, but I had to put up with some obnoxious construction workers to get these photos.

In other news, I'm always playing the Sneak Into A Restaurant To Use The Bathroom Without Being A Paying Customer game. Sometimes this is a game you just have to play when you're out exploring all day. So far my wins at this game include:
  • Pizza Hut [I know, I don't get it] with Dani at night in ViƱa del Mar
  • overpriced bar in Palermo SoHo at dusk with Bruna
  • super fancy restaurant this afternoon in Puerto Madero [this was a bathroom win for sure]
Extraneous observation: There's a sex motel next to my hostel [and yeah, the most famous swinger's club in Latin America is across the street, and yeah, apparently BsAs is Lust Central]. The motel's name is "Discreto" but it absolutely does not live up to this name as there is a massively loud honking type sound that happens any time a car pulls into or out of the Discreto parking garage. This sound goes on for about two minutes and is accompanied by a flashing red light. Way to go "discreto," way to go.

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