Thursday, June 2, 2011

After an exhausting weekend packed full of non-stop travel, I granted myself a day of rest and recovery today. Especially because this weekend will be my last in South America [for now] and I want to have as much energy as necessary. But I'm a little restless [in case you couldn't already tell based on the fact that this is my fourth post today]. And when I get restless I always feel compelled to make lists. All kinds of lists. Lists of lists. So here's a list.

Things I Used to Collect as a Kid
  • Pogs
  • tickets from arcades [but I never used them to get prizes]
  • pins [like the kind you wear]
  • matchboxes
  • legos [I almost had the complete space themed set]
  • keys
  • rocks [not the I'm going to grow up to be a geologist kind, but the shiny I bought these in the museum store gift shop with my allowance kind]
  • Matchbox cars
  • marbles
  • plastic horses [only a very specific kind though]
  • combs
  • plastic frogs
  • state quarters
  • DCPA and Broadway playbills
  • photos of my various pets [three dogs, two birds, mouse, bunny]
  • grasshoppers and caterpillars [in the summertime]
  • seashells
  • thimbles [not plain ones, ones from different places]
  • miniatures [I've always been obsessed with miniature things]
  • stickers [I had a sticker book]
  • baseball cards [but not because I liked sports, only because my brother and cousin collected them]
  • coins [this was actually mostly my grandma's collection]
  • those little glass bottle things filled with colored sand that have googly eyes glued on them
  • swim team ribbons [even if you didn't place at a meet, they always gave you a participant ribbon]
  • bottles of sand from beaches I visited
  • Goosebumps books
  • little trolls
  • hotel key cards
  • those weird little rubbery monster things that are finger puppets
  • poker chips from casinos
  • pine cones
  • foreign money
  • the corks with a metal horse on them from bottles of Blanton's bourbon
  • quotes [my grandma gave me her book of quotes she collected to get me started]
  • annual group summer camp photos [7 years worth of those]
  • packs of playing cards
  • holiday themed items [mostly Easter and Halloween]
  • watches
  • those gum balls covered in hardened frosting to look like little animals [this one's hard to describe]
  • dice
  • keychains [only for a little while]
  • stuffed animals
  • erasers that were shaped like things
  • I collected golf balls for a little bit
  • ribbons
  • sea glass
  • plastic dinosaurs
By collected I do not mean that I had one or two of whatever. I mean I had enough that they required their own separate boxes. A lot of the boxes I used were actually empty wet wipe containers. I was very OCD when it came to my possessions [was, am, whatever]. If I hadn't sold/lost/misplaced/stored these things by now, I would absolutely be considered a hoarder. These days I have different kinds of collections. And I don't mean collections like things you could sell on ebay. I mean collections in the loosest sense of the word.

Things I Collect
  • concert ticket stubs
  • band t-shits
  • books
  • spoons
  • passport stamps
  • music
  • tiny things [but way less than I used to]
  • little trees made of wire
  • pretty colored glass bottles
  • photos of the places I've been
This is all stuff you probably really did NOT need to know about me. Oh well. This is what happens when I'm restless and far far away from home.

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