Saturday, May 28, 2011


My passport wallet is a pretty café colored leather. On the front is a black ink image of birds flying and the word "wanderlust." What I've learned about myself while traveling is that travel sparks my desire to travel even more. Every time I travel, I can't stop thinking about where I want to take my next trip. I tried to plan a trip next weekend weekend to El Calafate [in Patagonia] to see the glaciers while I'm down in South America, but because I didn't plan ahead, I don't have warm enough clothes. And anyway, the last minute flight down there is too expensive. But this has me thinking about my next trip to South America, whenever that may be [hopefully next summer]. And thinking about trips next summer triggers thoughts about my trip to Israel. Followed by thoughts on other trips I'd like to take. So here's a list of trips I would some day love to experience:

Israel. This one I'm actually doing next summer with the Taglit-Birthright program, which means I get to go to Israel for free for two weeks. They offer a large variety of different types of trips, and I've selected a bike tour of Israel. Not hardcore cycling, but enough to engage with the land on a serious level. The trip includes a night camping under the stars in the Negev Desert. Isn't Negev the most wonderful word?

Return to South America. Probably also next summer, depending on where and when I have to move from SLC. Next time I'm only planning to spend about one week in Buenos Aires. I can't imagine coming to South America and not going to Buenos Aires, but I also want to experience as much of this beautiful country as possible. So the next trip will probably go something like: one week in BsAs, then flight down to El Calafate for the weekend and a tour of the glaciers, flight back up to somewhere in Brazil [depending on which of my Brazilian friends are in Brazil at the time], then flight to Colombia where I will take a road trip around the country with my Colombian friend I met in BsAs last year. I'd also love to throw a visit to La Paz, Bolivia in there.

What remains are dream trips that will take a lot more planning [and money] than my other trips. Top of my list is Antarctica. I've always been drawn to Antarctica and I have no idea why. So...

Sri Lanka
Cuba [yeah, I know, I'm not technically allowed to go there]

I suppose that someday I also want to return to Europe. And I'll probably make it back there before I make it to somewhere like Antarctica. But, you know, it'll all figure itself out.

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iwantmythunder said...

"Negev" is my favorite.