Monday, May 16, 2011

I sat down to write this post just now and for at least two minutes, I absolutely could not remember language. I am not kidding. I had pictures but no words.

Anyway. Sunday, Dani and I went to San Telmo for the market. We bought some lovely photographs.

I love San Telmo. I love how all the neighborhoods here really are distinct. They each feel and look different, even though they all bleed together on a map. One minute I'm at Cilantro in Barrio Norte, the next, I'm half way down our street and I'm in Recoleta. Next Saturday: the market in Recoleta where I can buy tiny clay owls and pretty trees made of wire. I'm a collector of strange things, in case you couldn't already tell from this blog.

Tonight we walked through a very sketchy neighborhood to see Bomba de tiempo. We spent the first couple hours outside the venue drinking beer and meeting up with various people. The show was excellent. Also, I saw more hippies there than anywhere else besides Red Rocks during a Phish show. I also saw an Argentinian Justin Vernon and an Argentinian Russel Brand who was selling beer on the street corner. There were a lot of different people there. Americans, British, Australians, South Americans from every country. In particular, there was a very blonde, very loud American girl who said, "He doesn't, like, want to have fun, because he likes me, you know?"

Also, tonight was a full moon.

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